The Perfectly Imperfect Match

Kendra C. Highley

I love the Suttonville Sentinels series!😌 I got to have an update to the first two couples. And to finally, a story of Dylan after Alyssa.Β He was, by the description, gave me an impression of a playboy but in reality, he is this super uptight person….

​The story is super cute! Otis, Lucy’s protective brother added to the cuteness and sweetness of the story. How lucky is he that ‘coach’ Dylan is his sister’s boyfriend! 😁😁😁

The fear of both Dylan and Lucy, when it comes to love is sort of realistic… most of high schoolers.. I think.. feels like that. I really like the rain scene. It really feels significant to Dylan. It’s that moment he let go and let love..πŸ˜πŸ’ž

The book is a quick and cute read, made me enjoy every page of it! 😊😌

With this, I give it:

rate rate raterate



by Jean Flynn

LovesickI kind of had a roller coaster of love and ‘eh’ feelings in this story. But then, the sweetness of Shane melts my heart..😍

It was funny at the start, Beth having crush with her not-boss boss — she’s a receptionist at a clinic.

It was not clear to me why on the synopsis, Shane is a fork lifter, but I can’t remember reading about it on the book.. just.. he’s in construction or something.. and his condition, it is not really talked about.

The condition of Shane, it’s much better if Beth is the one who help him with his condition.. much sweeter that way.. well.. maybe I ask too much…


The message of Shane on the last part is so sweet I melt!! 😍

rate rate rate

Girl of Nightmares

by Kendare Blake


That time I touched this book, I felt restless, knowing if I start to read this, I will know what happened to Anna. It was like I am friends with her as well and I want to know what happened to her …
It was a slow start, for me… but the part where The Order is involve? It became exciting.. ooohh also the part when Carmel admitted she loved Thomas too..😍😍😍 But what she did is such a bitchy thing, it doesn’t fit her. I was slacked jaw on that part.. really… and get the first book, to really really imagine the description about Thomas, and how contrasting it is fron Carmel…😜

Back to Anna and Cass.. when I get to that page where Cass needs to let go of Anna, I just thought.. wow. Is that for real? Is it like when we die, we go to a place where it is all a dream…a good dream and in a loop? It’s like Anna is in her own happy world… *sigh* 😌

Good gripping on the part where Cass fights the Obeahman..

I am still thinking, how did the author end up with that character? the Obeahman? still creeps me out… and the Order of blah blah… so funny I am laughing aloud…
So… I am happy with the ending I’ll give this 

rate rate rate rate

Kiss Me, Kill You

by Larissa C. Hardesty

Kiss Me Kill you

When the cover is this pretty..😍

I was not expecting this book to be as paranormal as it is. And after reading it, I don’t think this should be a stand alone book.

This is the book that you’ll think you’re prepared enough but then changes your expectation altogether.

One thing I know, there must be a Book 2!! Shout out to the author..

hear ye! hear ye! gimme book 2, yeah? 


rate rate rate

Secrets of Skin and Stone

by Wendy Laine

Before this book, if you ask me gargoyle and human? I’ll probably say ‘EW!’. But this book made it not that Ew….😊

I learned a lot from this book, and the author itself. I thought OCD is just the habit of people needing things in order, needing things clean.., I didn’t know that OCD can be as grave as slicing yourself, or symptoms just like depression.. woah..😱😨


Going back to the book, I really don’t understand the crab mentality of people. Maybe it’s human nature, maybe that’s just how it is. Of all the fantasy book I’ve read, no wonder if faes or other-worldly being is there, they can and will play with human emotions. Piper is a smart girl with high standard, and people on their town can’t take that…and didn’t understand. And Grisham or Gris, a city boy, of course will fall for Piper since he is more open minded than most people in that town.

I just realized the title is of the secrets of both Gris and Piper. Some parts are just not clear like, what happened to Critch, what of his aunt? Why Danny did that? what killed the previous watchers? what happened to Critch’s child? Why Piper? what’s wrong with her? is there something in her blood? It is not clear, is it just because of her emotions? There ‘s a lot of question on this thing but…, It was a quick read. I am hooked. And since it’s new, atleast for me, the characters were fascinating…



rate rate rate rate

Vampire Queen

by David N. Sebastian


My attention was caught by the description of the book. I know by the looks of the cover that this is a middle-grade read but, who cares!?πŸ˜’πŸ˜œ

It’s just so uncomfortable for me when I learned that this is the second book! in a series! there’s something disturbing on that people! Anyway, I analyze and conclude that each book is the adventure of how they killed each sibling of the Dark Lord..

This book is full of adventures, and the part where Drake and Ferra hid in a cabinet or something, the weird attraction of Drake to Ferra, well… normal teenager boys genes…. so cute! πŸ˜„

I enjoyed it and super wish we have a lot of middle graders who are readers. They will definitely enjoy this! I did (on my age) so are they!πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ƒ


rate rate rate


by Wanda Wiltshire

This is mostly my problem nowadays….. I can’t find this book here in my country!! Giant bookstores here said that they don’t carry it as well as their suppliers.. how sad is that??

This kind of injustice makes me think to apply to other country – US, Canada or maybe UK? to work… and just for the books I really love that near to me. Anyway… to my review…

That is the word. At first, I’ll say that this for me, is a slow read.. But when I continued reading this…. last weekend, I.CAN’T.PUT.IT.DOWN. literally.

I am so captivated by Leif and Marla, and how they are meeting with just their minds.. A little more, and I can believe there’s faeries among us… that this world is real. The story is so captivating, I can picture them on my mind.

This is just frustrating that I can’t find a paperback copy of this book here in my country.. I don’t understand……

I am looking forward to the next books, I know there’s kindle and all but… I want the PB copy….