January 2017 Wrap-Up

Given the books that I’ve read, I am saying goodbye to January with a blast! 🙂

Although I’m sure I decrease the number of my TBR pile, seems like it’s till piling up… I only bought 2 books for January to complete my Eve series… As to why is it always hard to find books here in PH …. I really don’t understand..

I also ordered 2 missing books from Evernight series online, and I’m still waiting for the arrival.. 🙇

I am planning to buy my own shelf (still saving for it) since my daughter’s books took up most of the space of our bookshelf and it seems to me that my books can’t breath any more.. 😨😥

Frost Blood is out and I will buy it as soon as stock is available at my friendly neighborhood bookstore. So happy they have a Birthday sale!!😁😂🙌

I am hoping lot of books on my incomplete series will be completed by this March…*cross-fingers*