April Wrap Up

April was a blur.

I got chickenpox and didn’t get to avail the Birthday discount of my favorite bookstore so.. yeah.. talk about lucky me.

I had lots of adulting tasks during the month that I only read 3 books. Yeah! Actually it was four, but then, the book that I downloaded turns out, not a finished book.. I mean 2-3 chapters and then that’s it. So I didn’t consider it. 😜

I am really looking forward to read a lot by June. Nope. Not next month. A lot of meetings were lined up.

Back to my April books… Yeah those three books are so beautiful that I recommend everybody who is reading this to try them all! Well, read first the Black Bird before Deadfall of course.😜

I really really reeeaaalllyy LOVE Mask of Shadows btw.😍😍

..so many books..so little time..so little money…😔

..’till next month! Tata!😘