White Dawn

by Sara Baysinger

Inhale. Exhale. I just need to breath before starting the review….

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White Dawn is the third installment on the Black Tiger Series — Black Tiger and Ashen City.

I already apologized to the author as this is a super late book review and post. Let me go to the book.

While reading the book, the emotions…. they are strong.. I mean if you’ve read the first two, you will understand.. (so read the first two..😘)

This book literally twist my heart, my gut and it is so painful, emotionally and literally.. emotionally because of what happened to the characters, and literally because it was painful to stop yourself from crying ya know..

When I finished reading, I am shedding bucket of tears… sadness.. for Titus, Aurora and Ember. It was like this series, each book is dedicated for each Whitcomb child. Fist Book is for Titus, second one is for Ember and the third one is for Aurora.

There are a lot of learnings here. To find something to good to even the most evil person. And THAT is SO HARD! The last part really twisted my heart and rip it open. Because it proves true. Kill them with kindness. Exchange love for hate. It is literally super hard to do.

To the author, YOU ARE AWESOME. again and again and again.

To my readers, Hello! please please read Sara Baysinger’s Black Tiger Series. At first you may think it was like The Hunger Games, but the more you get into it, get attached to the characters, I tell you. You will LOVE it. I never in my reading life experience this intense feeling for Rain Turner to materialize.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I just love him.. 😍 The intensity of his love.

By the way, at the end of the book, you will see a playlist? try playing it.. The feeling will intensify!!




The Girlfriend

by Sarah J. Naughton


I was confused at first because of the formatting of the (kindle) copy that I got. And then there’s multiple stories and PoVs from Jody and her flashbacks, Mira and Mags.

How close the story of Jody to reality…. I dunno.. but I think real close…

Since in reality, there are a lot of abuse victims, and to find an escape, they live in the fantasy world they created, as a way of shutting down and forgetting what happened to them.

While reading the book, I thought about the psychology of those bastard psycopaths, pedophiles, and all the abusers. If I can just crush them to bits!!!

I like Mags’ bitchy character, she’s just being real… and her soft side….. I wish I could read more of Abe, I think he is cool. He’s cool, he did not hate his sister, it was the opposite.

Mira’s character was very I dunno, weak? annoying? but I understand her and love her in the end. She’s like most of the strong women today.

I like the part in the end… in the court… in reality, it is scary.. but I would like to think Mags here is smart that’s why they pulled it off.

and the friendship, the bond they created. These three women, compliments each other’s personality. πŸ‘πŸΌ

Daniel’s character, the one that makes Mags’ heart soft, is super cool. I am excited for the two of them.β™₯️

And the last part, Mags have a heart. and she’s a kick ass! 🀘



Thunderlight (Dragonian Series 2)

by Adrienne Woods

This is the second book of Firebolt (Dragonian 1) . I never knew that I was into dragons, until I started reading these books. 😍


This book! hell yeah! A lot happened on this book that after reading it I was still shock as hell and have lots of questions needing answers.

There’s a bunch of revelation, made me confuse and left me a lot of questions….

The part that stuck with me.. is why Elena’s dragon, did not do something!? I am still team ElenaxBlake tho..😍

I don’t buy kindle books, I prefer paperback or hardbound, actual books that I can touch. But if the story is this good, and I am hooked!! well, kindle copy is so worth it. (and also, copies are not available here in PH)πŸ˜”





On The Fence

by Kasie West

By now you can tell that I like the books of Kasie West 😊


This is a cute love story with light drama. This is about Charlie, a girl who can easily be labeled as tomboy, and Braden, her neighbor, practically her brother’s best friend, who is her friend as well.

I really don’t like Charlie’s attitude towards the dead grandmother of her friend. Her dead mother is not an excuse for her to act that way.

I so like the part where she begins to dress up like a girl and act like one (thanks to Linda!) and typical, she’s a gorgeous one once bedazzled and made up.Β πŸ˜‰

I am so intrigued of what really happened the night her mother died and why was she having those nightmares.

All in all, it is a story of young love, acceptance, family love and friendship that after reading it, you will feel light and fuzzy…πŸ˜„





Big Bad Wolf PH

For the very first time…. Big Bad Wolf came here to PH for 10days to satisfy all the bookworms here.

This is my sweetest nightmare..😁 Why?

  • I can (finally) buy books that are not available in the bookstores.
  • Books with different cover. 🀩
  • A lot of book monsters, will be seeing books that do not belong to a section.😣
  • Discarded books on the floor.😑
  • Lots of people! 😡

I did not know, until #bigbadwolf came here, that there are a lot of Filipinos who love read. I am still in awe…. I am very excited for the YA section and Crime/Thriller but THEY.WERE.GONE. yah! I went there just the 3rd day.. I thought they have enough… but I did not know there are a lot of book readers…good to know anyway…

I am hoping that this will be an annual event, and they will have more stocks the next time.

Even though I got disappointed on the YA section, Children’s section is literally heaven!!!

I hoarded lots of children’s book from reference to activity! 😍😍😍

My daughter loves the books so much, she is soo excited to go home everyday to read and do activities from those books.

Big Bad Wolf brings you the CHEAPEST books in town having 60%-80% discount!

You can also visit http://www.bookxcessonline.com to buy discounted books. They ship internationally!

Happy Reading people!! πŸ˜‰

The First Kiss Hypothesis

by Christina Mandelski

I like the story… its a light read, the characters are bordering to childish-mature thinking.. I mean, how Eew is that, (well, for me..) kissing all the boys in the campus just to prove your hypothesis.?? I mean…. c’mon..

I love that Nora is super close to her grandma… cause I feel her.. I actually can’t imagine my Lola to have dementia.. I really can’t… Thinking about it makes me teary eyed….

It was just soo cute, and romantic that Eli learns how to bake a pie for Nora. Cuteness and Yumness overload! 😍😊

If you are a pie lover, and a sucker for a cute teen love story, this one is for ya!





by S.R. Johannes

I got interested because it is about hacking, codes and I work on IT Industry. πŸ˜‹

The story is cool because of the kick-ass genius GIRL hacker is the heroine.🀘

I started this ebook last year and been busy with the real world.😜 I then started this last Monday and finished in 2 days!!

The story is very interesting. You know that it happens and really happening in the real world. And left me wondering, do I have hacker friends? πŸ™„

Anyway, the genre of this book is more on the “teen” side and very fitting on our Digitized World today.