Just Friends

by Marie Cole

Okay… how do I start this…, this is frustrating for me. well, the fact that this frustrates me, tells me the story stirs something in me and probably good..πŸ˜ƒ
They are just friends… but BS on that! its frustrating that they have feelings for each other and not admit it. dammit!😠


I can understand if during college. but hell, it will save time if the boy man up and admit feelings to his best friend than lie..maybe because he is not sure yet. that is damn BS..!

And the scene where they had sex and the boy is sleeping??? what in hell??? is that even for real? I can’t even…

..and the most frustrating of all, they are not happy and they both know it! I am now contemplating if I am gonna read the next or leave it just like that…. 😫

Given that my emotion is like this after reading…πŸ˜… I rate this book:

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Making Bad Mistakes

by Rita Stradling

The author is now becoming my favorite the more I read her books.

So, I receive this as an audio book, and I really want to apologize because it took me almost a month! a MONTH! just to finish the story. I always fell asleep when listening! and don’t make me start on how many times I will repeat the chapters because I really don’t remember much. so yeah, I prefer reading….πŸ“–


The story is very enticing, just weird for me. In our society today, yeah it is weird. but come to think of it, technically the characters are not siblings but still… but then…. I don’t know.. it made me think.. bottom line, if you really love someone, you don’t care about others.. the most important thing is your love for each other… but…  made me think, is this really love? you love each other without considering other people, specially in this case, their parents? I dunno…. I really don’t….😩

and because this book made me think, then damn it is good.


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Seat 2A

by Dela

I looked thrice to check if the author’s name is only Dela. I had to..

As I was browsing Instagram, found this book by accident. I read the synopsis and got excited, too excited I misread it and too excited I finally bought this ebook from Amazon. YEAH!! My very first amazon bought!!πŸ˜ƒ so.. let’s go to my feelings about the book….


as I was saying, I thought this story was different, and that’s what got me excited… but damn, it’s not. and it’s good. (that’s why I bought it..)

hmm what can I say.. Β Seven years is super long.. and I admire the characters for that, but left me wondering if this can still happen in real life… you know..

The story stirs up some excitement in me, you know, how fate plays with you.. and I am happy with the ending.. although, it took them long enough for their realization… but I bet, that theirs will last a lifetime…. aawww…😍😍😍



The Lovely Reckless

by Kami Garcia

After finishing the book, it’s automatically added to my “to read again” pile and reprioritized to #1… 😊


This book was the rage at some point in IG, and it is good Good. Although after reading it, I realized it was sort of typical and can pass as scenes in a soap opera, still too short to be on TV though… but still… it didn’t fail to raise my heartbeat, anticipating what’s next and to feel the pain and frustration of the characters. really… I am getting butterflies too from Marco’s look…😍😍😍

I can’t imagine the headaches and frustration of trying to remember something that your brain forgot. And the adrenaline by just reading the scene of Frankie and Deacon. maygawd!😷

I definitely recommend this book! Try it and you’ll love it.❀❀❀




The List

by Patricia Forde

A unique dystopian story.


This is my own blog so I will not say “Personally” nor “in my point of view”.. but personally 😜 I think this story is weird and unique at the same time. I am currently struggling on my thoughts about this one….

I don’t like Carver, the gavver. His personality is more villainous than the villain John Noa, who has a twisted thinking. It was a struggle for me — a 10min struggle when I learned that Noa cut the tongues of some people. I mean, what’s sickening with people having language?? 

I feel lucky to live in the age where people are free to talk, able to learn many languages. I don’t think I can live in the world of Ark. It was twisted, sick bastard Noa I can’t understand… really..

and because of this, my rating is 

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By Your Side

By Kasie West

I just read the synopsis and that’s it! I have to buy this! Haha. Plus! I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of good feedbacks on this author that I want to try it myself. πŸ˜‹

I just love the plot started in the library. I also got interested on Dax’s story. I can’t say that much aside from this book is G-O-O-D. A short break from all the heavy fantasy I’ve been reading. And thriller… And many more…. 

I’d love to have a friend like Lisa. I mean, it occurs to me that their circle is the “cool” kids group in the school but they’re not mean.. They are just funny and cool people. 

I also love the part where Dax didn’t get offended when Jeff asked him if Dax is looking for “his” girl. He just answered truthfully.

I just love how light this book is, leaving me a smile and a sigh..



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Anna Dressed in Blood

By Kendare Blake

I always saw this book inside the bookstore and everytime, I get curious on how a love story will work out with a ghost killer and a killer ghost. The feelings they have, and this love story is doomed from the very beginning that I don’t know who’s gonna lose, the living or the dead.

So, finally made up my mind and bought this and the sequel book.😝

*I tend to buy books in set rather than buying a piece to assess first if the story will be good…Not.Practical. But what’s not practical when it comes to books huh?*πŸ˜‰

When I started reading this, I thought WOAH!!! How cool Cas is!! He’s a ghost slayer. kewl. And then comes the scene with Anna Korlov. When she’s Anna Dressed in Blood.. Holy Fudge! I can’t even… So scary that I am fighting not to run back because I’m so damn thirsty.πŸ‘»

And all I thought Anna is scary.. Holy Shit!!! The scariest came in the scene. And then….it was done. And I was like… “Huh? What happened???”

And whatever curiousity Thomas, Carmel and Cass have, I also have it TWICE!! I will need to recover from this but the book 2 is calling me right now…

Gaaah.. Alright..!😹😹😹


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