by Christina Lauren

This is the weirdest, haunting book I’ve ever read. Ever.

I literally don’t know how I feel and what to feel right after reading this one. The ending is sort of a puzzle. The story is weird. The character, the main character is weird-ER.

The plot, it’s like the ghost are a normal thing… which is kinda weird.. I mean Hello??? having sex with a ghost? really? I can tolerate the faes, vampire, werewolf, and enchanting creatures…. but GHOST!??? and it’s a love story to tell you… I really don’t know….

To those people who finished this book, I am calling to you… PLEASE… explain, did Colin die? or its like Lucy was waiting for Colin to grow old and die? I really didn’t understand…..😫



A Cold Day in Hell

by Lissa Marie Redmond

At first I thought this is just a story about a detective, trying to prove someone is innocent. And by doing that will face death defying experience.

But as I go deep in the story, I found a lot of complications. Aside from the case where Lauren is a retainer, she also got the old case, a psycho ex-fiance and an affair from ex-husband 2. How crazy is that???

What’s more exciting was the hearing. I like Violanti. and I assure you, you will like him too. The feeling of having LBM but not really that at the end is SUPER! I mean, I felt stress as I reach the climax of the story..πŸ˜–πŸ˜΅ and then…. OH FUCK!!!

It is one of the best written story that turned my insides into knots of anticipation, thus giving it the best rating I could give.πŸ˜‰


Firebolt (Dragonian 1)

by Adrienne Woods

You know that feeling when you fall in love in to something? You want to be with the person right? You want the physical touch, you want to know that the person is yours? yeah?

Okay.. That is what I am feeling right now with this book! 😍 I want to have it, to put it on my shelf. I want to have this world, the world created by the author. I want to follow the characters, what did they become.. I really do.. Just one problem… this book doesn’t exist in my country!!😭😭😭😭😭 And there goes my broken heart..πŸ’”


Anyways, it was a slow start for me. I really don’t know what’s happening when I started reading this one. Got it from NetGalley, I like the cover and got interested in the story because of description. But never knew I would fall in love like this.. to this… OMGeeeeee!!!!

I really really REALLY want to have a physical copy of this series.. but if I can’t have it, I will just suck it up and order a Kindle edition….

The story at the beginning, will make you think that Elena, the main character, is a damsel in distress. I do like her, but NOT her constant crying. I mean, oh men.. she’s such a cry baby.. But let’s not all judge her, we don’t know what it felt when all of a sudden all tv stories became real.. well.. except for us bookworms. I do believe we will have a party if the world that we just know from the book, is suddenly a real one.

But I am telling you guys, this is a real deal good book. atleast for me..





by Logan Keys

Currently halfway of reading the book when I decided to start writing my review… It was a slow start I say, everything is like, I do not understand…really but I catch up after a few pages. Still, I needed some analyzing for me to fully understand the story.. Why? Because its witches and wizards people!!πŸ™Œ

So in the middle, it became VERY interesting for me. Specially that I really want it to be John and Raven love team. To this moment I say, Sim should must marry Mira. How powerful is that? First Wizard and First Witch. Lovely.😍


I am now confuse on what team I like. I mean, Mira and John? Sim and Raven? Aye! but I really like John and Raven…..

The story is slow at first but Holy Shit! in the end. So much for the cliffhanger… (I tried checking for Epilogues, to no avail)

This is one of those I will patiently wait for the next book to release. Thank you Logan Keys for the story. I am hoping that the next book will me action and magic packed, with more revelations of our Little Bonecaller.😍😍😍


The Distance Between Us

by Kasie West

This is the second Kasie West book I have and read, and it did not disappoint. I so much like it. Though, the synopsis at the end gave so much enough for me to predict the end of story, but you know.. I’m a sucker for this kind of YA Novels so yes, plus its Kasie West people!!!

Anyway, it was a typical poor/rich love story, but I love the Caymen’s character here. I mean, I feel her, she’s not the pessimistic type, just practical. And her name is unusual… it is a name of an island right?

The twist of the story was near the end. What I like about this book is it is a quick read, and always (kasie west’s books) always give me my much needed break from heavu fantasy.πŸ˜„

To those of you who are having a reading slump right now, may I suggest any Kasie West books.., surely you will be back in your reading. works for me.πŸ˜‰


The Breakdown

by B.A. Paris

I haven’t read her book Behind Closed Doors, but the first time I saw it, I know it will be good. And with all the raves and good praises online, I still haven’t got my hand on that book…πŸ˜”

wp-1507910158660..jpegAnyways.., saw this story, saw who the author and requested for the book.

The middle of the story made me cringe, literally skip some pages because I think.. that those are just fillers. I mean, I am not exactly sure what is enough on building the character but I think for this book is a little too much. A lot of suspense happened, and when I got 89% , I started reading it normally again and I can’t put it down! I even brought this to the office C.R. and finish it..πŸ˜†

I must say, this made me think.. Cass IS smart, despite of what happened and what they did to her, she took advantage of her situation and bring the justice out. I just can’t imagine my own husband doing it to me.. Luckily I don’t have that kind of fortune..😜

And this… is the reality. Relationships – friends, husbands, wives breaks when it comes to money….πŸ˜’

On the other hand, even if some parts are annoying, I still recommend this book for you to read.. Will put you on the edge of your seat!