Red Queen

by Victoria Aveyard


A little slow phase for me when I started reading this. But since it is action-packed, it remedies the boredom I felt at the first half of the book.

This story is about a world divided by people with Red and Silver blood (yes! silver blood. Yup! They blush silver!!) Red are servants…slaves.. and Silvers are the Lords… and a girl who will change it all.

I know I am late reading this, and some people are on the fourth book already, but I think, this time, the delay is doing me good.😁👍🏻 I don’t have to get frustrated for waiting the next book, and I can buy them on sale!😍 very timing as this season is where the most booksale here in my country.

Anyways, back to the book…. So, I am so intrigue right now and I want to.. no.. badly need to know what will happen to #CalMare ♡💕



The Cruel Prince

by Holly Black

I first saw this book and wondered what is the fuss all about… Now, I am a member of this fussing fan club!😍

There’s a lot of kilig moments for me, in this book..😍

First, is the letter:

This! This is how you love-hate someone.💕

I really don’t like Jude’s character, promising everything and not delivering. That’s why I understand Cardan’s feelings at the end.. but that is one reason why she is unique, and I love her!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩



This book will leave you excited for the next one.. Sad to say, I need to wait for next year for the second book. I am so so excited what will the future holds for Cardan and Jude… now that they will rule the whole Faerie. Cardan with his cleverness and lazy ass, and Jude, the planner and executioner of plans.

All I can say is that, Jude is a bad-ass, THE QUEEN👑 and Cardan will be a Wicked King 👑 for all the justifiable reasons… Taryn is a B*TCH, Vivi is a shady b*tch I LOVE.😍





by Naomi Novik

I am a super fan of Beauty and the Beast retelling.💕

This book had me at its cover.. plus it is a retelling of my favorite fairytale. so what’s not to love??

Oh, I am not yet done with my review.. omigosh someone already liked it.. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Anyways, what can I say? THANK YOU Naomi, for bringing me to Uprooted world. For introducing Agneiszhka and Sarkan, those two gave me fuzzies all over..

So basically it is a story of a girl, that is a witch, which she did not know, until the Dragon pick her up. Then they have feelings for each other not admitting it, makes the reader all fuzzy about them and they fought the woods then they win. 😁❤️❤️❤️

I like the Dragon’s character, and I kinda understand why he’s like that.. The chemistry between the Dragon and the Witch..💕💕💕 I just can’t….

This is the story where after you finished, you still want MORE!!!🤩

If there’s only a glimpse… a small window on how are the two of them, a decennial later… 😌😌😌



by S. Jae Jones

A breathtaking and heartbreaking story… and to think that is only just the beginning… hey.. this is just Book1..

I am lost at first.., since I am not a fan, nor familiar with Germany.. and music. oh yeah, I know music, but that depth… using klavier (piano) and a violin? I really dunno…🤔😥

The dictionary at the back of the book helps… a little bit… Anyway, back to the story..

I was lost at first, and did not understand why, Liesl forgot about mein Herr.. well, simple explanation is she was caught by real life so forgot about her childhood-memory-playmate.

And then she came to the Underworld… and then.. you know that story that you do not understand half of it but it is so sooo good after you finished reading? yeah, basically that sums up my reading experience with Wintersong.

The love story of Mein Herr and Elisabeth, for me, is so so deep only them can understand. Literally, and figuratively..😍

I am so excited to read the next book. Its just that PB will be released here in PH🇵🇭 on 2019.. I bought the first book in PB so.. I need the PB of second book.😁




P.S. I Like You

by Kasie West

Kasie West is my favorite go-to author whenever I am going through a reading slump. Why? Because her stories is light and adorable and cute and give me fuzzies…before I go back to my hard-core sci-fi fantasy reading..😄

I remember searching most of the bookstore near me and my office, as well as online, just to get a copy of this book because (1) It was published waay before (2) I am late buying it. 😁

I am not happy with the copy of my book but I can’t choose anymore because this was the last copy. Anyway, I started reading it yesterday. Yes! Yesterday, and finished it early today.. around 12am. I can’t put it down. I mean, this is not a typical highschool love story, I tell you… It was adorable, crazy and left me smiling with warm fuzzies…😍😍😍

How I love being in love…..💕

Anyway, if you are a fan of YA, and going through a reading slump, I recommend this book to you. 👍🏻


Soul Render

by T.L. Branson

The author message me if I would like to read the book, and I said yes! (free book people!!!)

I really doubt the book because of the cover… (sorry. been saying it a lot — IG, FB, forums) but THE AUTHOR message me guys.. and I need to read it and review.

I AM GLAD I DID..! The story was slow in the beginning, I mean the building of the main character.. (except for the killings!) I saw Will as a weak revolutionary who do not think! He’s just doing things without thinking about the result and will feel guilt at the end! But that is the thing you will love about him.

Another character I like is Maya. And the shocking revelation of who she is at the end…

And this book is all about stones… magical stones..😍 the author call it Soul Stones. There are 12 stones and each has their own powers.🤩

And the story got elves too!! Aren’t you enticed enough?

Also, this book is on sale! haha! $0.99 in Amazon.

Click here

I am just another reader.. recommending a good book to you guys..👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

and that ending is Super!! my reaction was “SON OF A B************************************H!!!!”

yeah. that kind..

Anyhow, hope you guys try this one! 😉


Fallen Heir

by Erin Watt

Title best fit the focus of the story, is the fallen prince, Easton. Though I think its just because he is the most hurt whenever something happens.

The revelations in this book is bordering from shocking to WTF!!! 😱😲😮

I’ve read reviews and some did not like this book but……yeah.. I just hope it was done on this. Anyways….. part of the questions from the first three books are here so you have got to finish it.😁