by Logan Keys

Currently halfway of reading the book when I decided to start writing my review… It was a slow start I say, everything is like, I do not understand…really but I catch up after a few pages. Still, I needed some analyzing for me to fully understand the story.. Why? Because its witches and wizards people!!πŸ™Œ

So in the middle, it became VERY interesting for me. Specially that I really want it to be John and Raven love team. To this moment I say, Sim should must marry Mira. How powerful is that? First Wizard and First Witch. Lovely.😍


I am now confuse on what team I like. I mean, Mira and John? Sim and Raven? Aye! but I really like John and Raven…..

The story is slow at first but Holy Shit! in the end. So much for the cliffhanger… (I tried checking for Epilogues, to no avail)

This is one of those I will patiently wait for the next book to release. Thank you Logan Keys for the story. I am hoping that the next book will me action and magic packed, with more revelations of our Little Bonecaller.😍😍😍



The Distance Between Us

by Kasie West

This is the second Kasie West book I have and read, and it did not disappoint. I so much like it. Though, the synopsis at the end gave so much enough for me to predict the end of story, but you know.. I’m a sucker for this kind of YA Novels so yes, plus its Kasie West people!!!

Anyway, it was a typical poor/rich love story, but I love the Caymen’s character here. I mean, I feel her, she’s not the pessimistic type, just practical. And her name is unusual… it is a name of an island right?

The twist of the story was near the end. What I like about this book is it is a quick read, and always (kasie west’s books) always give me my much needed break from heavu fantasy.πŸ˜„

To those of you who are having a reading slump right now, may I suggest any Kasie West books.., surely you will be back in your reading. works for me.πŸ˜‰


The Breakdown

by B.A. Paris

I haven’t read her book Behind Closed Doors, but the first time I saw it, I know it will be good. And with all the raves and good praises online, I still haven’t got my hand on that book…πŸ˜”

wp-1507910158660..jpegAnyways.., saw this story, saw who the author and requested for the book.

The middle of the story made me cringe, literally skip some pages because I think.. that those are just fillers. I mean, I am not exactly sure what is enough on building the character but I think for this book is a little too much. A lot of suspense happened, and when I got 89% , I started reading it normally again and I can’t put it down! I even brought this to the office C.R. and finish it..πŸ˜†

I must say, this made me think.. Cass IS smart, despite of what happened and what they did to her, she took advantage of her situation and bring the justice out. I just can’t imagine my own husband doing it to me.. Luckily I don’t have that kind of fortune..😜

And this… is the reality. Relationships – friends, husbands, wives breaks when it comes to money….πŸ˜’

On the other hand, even if some parts are annoying, I still recommend this book for you to read.. Will put you on the edge of your seat!





Nailed It

by Cindi Madsen

naileditI know this will be a good story because of the publisher and the cover..Β πŸ˜‹

The story, although a little bit long, is super cute and frustrating and will make you fall in love page by page.😍

Even if Ivy is a stubborn woman, I adore her strong belief on her steps not to have a broken heart, but when you really fall in love, you can’t do anything about it. YOU.WILL.FALL.

I just don’t understand why in the world is she still insisting that she doesn’t love Jackson.. I mean her body and brain is saying something, and I firmly believe that she is a smart woman.. well.., it added to my frustrations.. but good frustration I must say.

Also, THANK HEAVENS for the Epilogue!!! I almost almost thought I am left hanging again, just like other stories.. but yeah.. the Epilogue complete the story and made me sleep peacefully..πŸ€—




Abounding Might

by Melissa McShane

I feel sad that I missed the second book on this The Extraordinaires series. I very much enjoyed the first book, it was AWESOME!!

Let’s talk about the third installment, Abounding Might. It’s about an Extraordinary bounder, and a girl, with an attitude. I very much like the characters of this book, and I think, Ms. McShane here empowers women more than ever. Although the set up is waaaaayyy back in the history, I still get excited about the happenings.. not only on the love story of Capt. Fletcher and Lady Daphne, but most specially Lady Daphne.

I very much love her attitude. Her goal to become not just extraordinary (since she is already) but to be The Extraordinary. I can’t help compare it to the women leaders we have today.

I just learned that whatever you do, if you are really very good at it, then you always always have option and voice.

Thank you #netgalley for always always sharing good books.




The Infernal Guard: Severance

by SGD Singh

TIG SeveranceThe final book on the trilogy.. I have mix emotions… I am happy with how things ended… but I am sad at the same time… because it ended…

Reading the trilogy is amazing.. It feels like you dive into their world., and yeah you get it..

When I read the last page, I thought I am going to rant because of how things ended. I mean where’s justice??? what happened to my favorite love team??? Then I read the last two sort of chapters.. And surprise..surprise.. I am happy!

The roller coaster of emotions this book brought me is so memorable. Ranya and Nidhan.. I don’t know why but what happened to them really really breaks my heart. I am so affected as if I am a member of the guard.. ( ha-ha).

This third installment brought all the emotions out, and will leave you asking for more.. You’ll love and hate and admire the author all at the same time.


Hey! If you want a copy of the series, in exchange for an honest review, please comment your email address and will send you a copy. Enjoy!




Emma in the Night

by Wendy Walker

imagesI know that this book is a psychological thriller when I requested it thru NetGalley. I remember I was reading the synopsis and then I was so excited..

The story is very compelling.. It was like everything is real and not.. and will make you think who among the characters are crazy…. or is it you, the reader who can’t follow the story.

While reading this, I thought I was in the book. I became curious and started to wonder, what really happened to Emma. What really happened. How Cass, given her age, thought of that kind of elaborate story, had carefully planned everything… and yes, my first time to hear the narcissistic syndrome or something.. After finishing the book, it left me in wonder.. the psychology of human.. how we have the power to destroy one human being because of us being selfish…

This left me a “woah” after the end. and thinking… she (Cass) is that smart???? hehe..

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