The Girlfriend

by Sarah J. Naughton


I was confused at first because of the formatting of the (kindle) copy that I got. And then there’s multiple stories and PoVs from Jody and her flashbacks, Mira and Mags.

How close the story of Jody to reality…. I dunno.. but I think real close…

Since in reality, there are a lot of abuse victims, and to find an escape, they live in the fantasy world they created, as a way of shutting down and forgetting what happened to them.

While reading the book, I thought about the psychology of those bastard psycopaths, pedophiles, and all the abusers. If I can just crush them to bits!!!

I like Mags’ bitchy character, she’s just being real… and her soft side….. I wish I could read more of Abe, I think he is cool. He’s cool, he did not hate his sister, it was the opposite.

Mira’s character was very I dunno, weak? annoying? but I understand her and love her in the end. She’s like most of the strong women today.

I like the part in the end… in the court… in reality, it is scary.. but I would like to think Mags here is smart that’s why they pulled it off.

and the friendship, the bond they created. These three women, compliments each other’s personality. 👍🏼

Daniel’s character, the one that makes Mags’ heart soft, is super cool. I am excited for the two of them.♥️

And the last part, Mags have a heart. and she’s a kick ass! 🤘




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