by Logan Keys

Currently halfway of reading the book when I decided to start writing my review… It was a slow start I say, everything is like, I do not understand…really but I catch up after a few pages. Still, I needed some analyzing for me to fully understand the story.. Why? Because its witches and wizards people!!šŸ™Œ

So in the middle, it became VERY interesting for me. Specially that I really want it to be John and Raven love team. To this moment I say, Sim should must marry Mira. How powerful is that? First Wizard and First Witch. Lovely.šŸ˜


I am now confuse on what team I like. I mean, Mira and John? Sim and Raven? Aye! but I really like John and Raven…..

The story is slow at first but Holy Shit! in the end. So much for the cliffhanger… (I tried checking for Epilogues, to no avail)

This is one of those I will patiently wait for the next book to release. Thank you Logan Keys for the story. I am hoping that the next book will me action and magic packed, with more revelations of our Little Bonecaller.šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜



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