Girl of Nightmares

by Kendare Blake

That time I touched this book, I felt restless, knowing if I start to read this, I will know what happened to Anna. It was like I am friends with her as well and I want to know what happened to her …
It was a slow start, for me… but the part where The Order is involve? It became exciting.. ooohh also the part when Carmel admitted she loved Thomas too..😍😍😍 But what she did is such a bitchy thing, it doesn’t fit her. I was slacked jaw on that part.. really… and get the first book, to really really imagine the description about Thomas, and how contrasting it is fron Carmel…😜

Back to Anna and Cass.. when I get to that page where Cass needs to let go of Anna, I just thought.. wow. Is that for real? Is it like when we die, we go to a place where it is all a dream…a good dream and in a loop? It’s like Anna is in her own happy world… *sigh* 😌

Good gripping on the part where Cass fights the Obeahman..

I am still thinking, how did the author end up with that character? the Obeahman? still creeps me out… and the Order of blah blah… so funny I am laughing aloud…
So… I am happy with the ending I’ll give this 

rate rate rate rate


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