by Wanda Wiltshire

This is mostly my problem nowadays….. I can’t find this book here in my country!! Giant bookstores here said that they don’t carry it as well as their suppliers.. how sad is that??

This kind of injustice makes me think to apply to other country – US, Canada or maybe UK? to work… and just for the books I really love that near to me. Anyway… to my review…

That is the word. At first, I’ll say that this for me, is a slow read.. But when I continued reading this…. last weekend, I.CAN’T.PUT.IT.DOWN. literally.

I am so captivated by Leif and Marla, and how they are meeting with just their minds.. A little more, and I can believe there’s faeries among us… that this world is real. The story is so captivating, I can picture them on my mind.

This is just frustrating that I can’t find a paperback copy of this book here in my country.. I don’t understand……

I am looking forward to the next books, I know there’s kindle and all but… I want the PB copy….





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