Ignite Me

by Tahereh Mafi

I almost almost forgot, to write a review for this book.. Even though I’m always, always thinking of how Juliette fell for Warner..

This book shows the real Warner, the one behind that ruthless leader of Sector 45. This is where I was turned off by Adam, his attitude and his big ego. I’m always amazed by his love to his brother though. The contrast of Adam from the first two books and the Adam here, I understand Juliette…

I fell in love with Warner in this book. He’s the real deal. He so much love Juliette that he made her shine. He’s happy in the shadows. And I admire him for that. He’s always there for Juliette, and his powers…

And Juliette, how she transformed from a weak chick to a bad-ass one. She’s super now, and I like it.. and the fact that she is strong with Warner’s encouragement and help.

I read from IG that the author Ms. Mafi, has three more books! Yey! Then when I finish the third book, I realized, it is right for the author to have three more books. The ending is super open ended that you will wonder what happened to who…


Ending the book three, I give it:



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