The List

by Patricia Forde

A unique dystopian story.


This is my own blog so I will not say “Personally” nor “in my point of view”.. but personally ๐Ÿ˜œ I think this story is weird and unique at the same time. I am currently struggling on my thoughts about this one….

I don’t like Carver, the gavver. His personality is more villainous than the villain John Noa, who has a twisted thinking. It was a struggle for me — a 10min struggle when I learned that Noa cut the tongues of some people. I mean, what’s sickening with people having language?? 

I feel lucky to live in the age where people are free to talk, able to learn many languages. I don’t think I can live in the world of Ark. It was twisted, sick bastard Noa I can’t understand… really..

and because of this, my rating is 

rate rate rate


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