By Your Side

By Kasie West

I just read the synopsis and that’s it! I have to buy this! Haha. Plus! I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of good feedbacks on this author that I want to try it myself. ๐Ÿ˜‹

I just love the plot started in the library. I also got interested on Dax’s story. I can’t say that much aside from this book is G-O-O-D. A short break from all the heavy fantasy I’ve been reading. And thriller… And many more…. 

I’d love to have a friend like Lisa. I mean, it occurs to me that their circle is the “cool” kids group in the school but they’re not mean.. They are just funny and cool people. 

I also love the part where Dax didn’t get offended when Jeff asked him if Dax is looking for “his” girl. He just answered truthfully.

I just love how light this book is, leaving me a smile and a sigh..



rate rate rate rate


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