by Anna Carey

DeadfallThis is the last book, the sequel to Blackbird. The thriller I read earlier this year.. I vividly remember my reaction at the end of the book… so much for a cliffhanger. But I love the story so much, I emailed two big bookstores here in the PH just for me to get the book 2, and finally! finally! I got my hands on Deadfall but it was on HC which doesn’t compliment with the book 1 I got which is in PB.

Anyways… I was so excited to read the book…Β let me tell you one thing about the book.. The story will hook you little by little. It’s okay that you will find it lame at first few sentences, but if you not need sleep, I assure you, you will not put it down..😍

I was saddened by the deaths but happy with the ending… I was just expecting a good love story at the end…😝




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