by Lauren Oliver

The book catches my eyes when I visit one time on my regular bookstore. I was looking for a different book then, and the cover and the title caught my attention..


When I started reading the book, every turn of pages brings thrill to me. It’s like I am on my own world whenever I read the story, especially when the game began. I am just hoping that this kind of Daredevil game is not existing in any part of the world.

I pity the family situation of Heather and her sister. Don’t care about the mother though.. also came to a point that I hated Heather’s best friend, Nat. She’s kinda bitch but redeemed herself in the end. I really like Dodge’s character, he’s sort of a hero-villain. And Bishop, though his intent is very noble, still the method……

The story made my heart twitched a little, pity for the sisters… hoping that there are less of them in the world… What I really liked is the end.. I am really a sucker for a happy ending.. For one second I thought there’ll be a brutal ending somewhere..

The book is a mix of teenage troubles, daredevil games, teenagers playing with their lives.. I pushed myself to finish the book…. but I think this book is not one of the best Lauren Oliver book there is..

Btw, the Tiger rocks!!! πŸ‘Š




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