The Last Ever After

by Soman Chainani

lastEverAfterThere’s only one word I can describe this book. EPIC!!

It was a wild ride of revelations and I was like “HUWAAAAAAATTT????”

…and because of that… even if I am sleepy.. and I need sleep very badly, I still finished the book. I remember that night when I finished this, it’s like I don’t want this to end. I want to continue the story. What will happen to them now that Sophie and Agatha both have their happy endings??

I really admired Sophie here.. She’s so independent at the end, the modern day woman. Independent. While reading it, the BGM in my mind is Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child — ha ha.

I also like Agatha, she’s smart. She will say what she think is right and is not afraid to say it. they are both strong women.

So… yeah, the trilogy is over…. but this is on heck of a ride!! ๐Ÿ™‚ so kewl…. will re-read this sometimes.







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