Black Tiger

by Sara Baysinger


Oh yeah finished the book and Oh My!

The story reminds me of The Hunger Games – where my favorite lovers are, Katniss and Peeta!


In the middle of the book, (well technically it’s an ebook) I knew that Ember is the lost sister. It was somehow dawn to me while reading..

I was just 😩 frustrated that she’s all believing that going back to the orchard she’ll find peace. I am really really waiting for Forest to be the bad guy but…huh.. Maybe he’ll show his true colors on the next book? I don’t know why am I still expecting Forest to be bad….

I really don’t like the description of Rain but, I like his character. hehe..

While reading the story, I found myself diving in the story.. I mean really into the story too deep. That’s why I almost call in sick just to finish this.

The way the story ends will make the readers, well.. made ME, excited to get my hands on the next book! I am soooo excited!!!!




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