Be the Leader you would follow… 

I am honestly struggling right now. I am looking for a mentor. Someone to look up to. Someone I can see myself to become when the time comes. But…

Yeah, its so hard to find mentors/coaches these days. The people who will understands you. People who will not judge you instead teach you how to do things right.

So.. If you’re problem is like mine.., then  we must do what’s in the title of this post. Yep! Sometimes if we can’t really find someone who will we look up to in the Leadership area, then  we must create one from ourself.

I know, I know it is hard. But we should try you know. We should… 

When we saw someone– boss, managers, directors we must not judge them if they did something wrong. I always try (yeah it’s hard) to think that they are there for a reason. And to pick up just the good  and throw away the bad. 

Yep! Be the change you want to be. It is a long journey, but I have faith… It is all worth it. 


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