A World Without Prince

by Soman Chainani

This is the second book of The School for Good and Evil where the adventure of Sophie and Agatha continues..

The moment Agatha chose Sophie in the first book, I know it will be chaos! but what I didn’t expect was the CHAOS.. tell me about over reacting much but this is MY fantasy story.

Anyway, I just thought that you can lie all you want but your heart can never ever lie. Just like what Agatha wished for.. that’s why she and Sophie is back again in the School for Good and Evil.

I just want to know about the two tombstones on either side of Sophie’s mother’s tombstone. Swans, one white and one black. One good and the other evil. So excited to go to book 3 after that scene.

I like the mystery behind this new Dean of School for Girls, she’s super evil!!! I actually found flaw on her evilness, Dean Evelyn’s hearing butterflies could’ve improved to seeing as well. I really don’t get why she’s so sexist and she wants girls to reign. Balance is a must!

This second book is somehow lame compared to the first one. Judging from the cover, thickness and synopsis of the third book, I can say that this second book is the so-so among the three. Still, after reading this, I prepared myself for the third book.

I am honestly prepared for more actions and revelations and so excited to read it all! The story is just so good that I am thinking of calling in sick at work for me to finish the series. (oh yeah, don’t tell my boss! lucky they don’t know me blogging).


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