by Sarai Henderson


So my emotions and reactions while reading half past the book:
“What the ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff….” – when Duke says he knows Hunter’s father.
“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” – when Hunter almost died in the elevator shaft
“what the SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH” – when Seeker killed Duke but making the bullet go through Hunter’s shoulder
The shock when Duke was the one who killed his father.
“The FFFFFFFFFFUUUUDDGGE” – when Hunter almost got killed by Bear
“Oh my GOSH!!!” – when Seeker was shot by Captain
“That’s right girl!!!” – when Hunter shot Captain
..and then the lame ending..

So.., the story is about Hunter, Sasha in real life, a Level 1 Telepathic. The story is about her, marking her subject, hunting it and giving it to the (highest) bidder.

I felt her longing to be loved by someone, to be cared for..I felt her loneliness, being alone during the years where she needed most of guidance and love.

I also think that she can improve her abilities but the company she was in (Talon) limit her. I actually would like to know what’s on the twisted mind of the captain, what level is Hunter’s father’s ability, and what did Seeker got when he dig on the report about Hunter’s father and what was Smith was doing aside from assigning his agents to suicidal missions?

and then came the ending that is so lame, it was like I watched a typical soap opera.. But still, the action pack scenes are good.


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