Thunder Moon

by Joanne Mallory

ThunderMoonSome people can’t resist a book with Moon, Witches or Thunder in the title or description. Include a very captivating, mysterious cover and I’m hooked.

I am not really sure what exactly to be expected of this book. Surely more witchy thingies and people? But I didn’t expect what is to come. The story was a little slow for me.. I expected love story, yeah, but more magic and witchy things. Marc came from a family of a healer.. so there’s a witch, and a healer, imagine that power.

To be honest, I came to a point where I am just dragging myself to read, because it got boring. no magic no action…

I want to see more magic and action on the second book.. I find Thea a little childish? I mean can’t she feel the magic? she’s a witch.. if because of magic why he find Marc interesting maybe she can feel it right? A witch and a healer…. hmm… I wonder what will happen next..

Are Thea’s siblings witch and wizard too? I am not sure, but hopefully I can find it out on the second book.


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