Love, Alchemy

by Eden Ashley

I honestly don’t know how to start the review because to be honest? I am still thinking about it!


What the FUDGE!!!!!! I mean.. the ending.. you know,.. how sweet it is that Ethan remembered Davey but what the Heck!? this is just simple, so simple. girl and boy fell in love. If it not only for one thing. And that one thing sent me to a whole day or two of thinking..

In the middle of reading, when Ethan first died, I had a feeling he’s going to be alive. I thought because of some kind of magic. Because of Alchemy in the title (duh!) but yeah, still my brain cells haven’t grasp what Ethan is yet. Next when they made love, (many times!) It made me think will Ethan confess about his nature? still none. Then came the scene for revelation.

THAT moment made me think what??? I don’t know really who is twisted now — the Author, for thinking about the love scene “Then he was pulling out and his hot seed spilled onto her back and ass”, or me for thinking questions like “if he’s a machine, where did this “hot seed” came from? really?

and a lot of twisted questions like, since he has seed, then can he make babies? but he’s sort of cyborg… anyways.. enough with that…

So it made me sad that Ethan is a secret but so happy Davey didn’t give up. Davey is also half human, half machine now, so does that mean there’ll be Book 2? *cross-fingers*

the last part is so touching and made me shout “WHAT THE FUDGE THAT’S IT??” I really can’t take it. The author should continue this. What now? they’re both machines? The question really is Davey a machine too? or half only.. I said half but not sure. Then Ethan remembered her, even thought GC erased his memories again (for sure!) so What now?

Really, left me hanging there……….


3 thoughts on “Love, Alchemy

  1. Hey Lena, would it be too much trouble for you to post your review of Love, Alchemy to Amazon? Your thoughts are great, and I think other readers would benefit….but maybe put a Spoiler Warning on it or something! Lol. Thanks again for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Wow it was such a delight to read your thoughts! It seems that everyone who read Love, Alchemy, has demanded a sequel in their review, so you guys are going to get one ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s still in the planning stages with a working title (Magus Lost) that may change by release time, but I promise to answer all of your lingering questions in Davey and Ethan’s next adventure! Thanks for reading, Lena ๐Ÿ™‚

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