Ice Girl: A Tale of Witches and Wolves 2

by Andy Mulberry

From the book 1 that I think I rated 3 stars to this… 5 stars!!!!

IceGirlI got so excited about this second book! Really.. I’m supposed to read another book but when I saw that this is available, this one must go first! πŸ™‚

Upon looking at the cover, I thought it was like other books, a different story but Sam and Dan are still there.. but no, and I am glad.

To be honest.., after reading the last page, I was “wait.. what?? that’s it?!?!?” really, Ms. Mulberry, its like showing a child a giant lollipop and not giving it.. T__T

So after reading the book , I have so many questions:

  • Why did Langley kill the immortal one ?
  • What was that in the bottle?
  • What will happen now that Eve has Dan’s blood? – by the way the moment Dan (idiot much >.<) gave his blood, I know automatically that there’ll be a book 3.
  • It’s not clear but I will assume that Sam is now a Fire and Ice Witch. I mean how COOL is THAT????

And because of these questions, I am positively excited for the next book!!! πŸ™‚

By the way, this is a 5!


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