What’s a Soulmate?

by Lindsey Ouimet

Whats a soulmateWhen I first saw this book, it feels like my art class in high school.. really… anyway, it’s magical in a sense..

So.. the description caught my attention as well.. so this is like a somehow reality but with emphasis on how do you know who is your soulmate. The author just put the ‘colors’ in literal form.

Anyways…….. I feel that this book is more on babble than telling what the real story is.. It feels like it. Compared to other stories I’ve read, I didn’t dwell word per word on this book. it’s like skimming it and (really) reading on the parts that makes sense..

giving that feedback… the main heroine in the story is an over thinker.. the plot is very good.. its very very good. ๐Ÿ™‚ and I really like it..

Sort of a quick read.. .

hmm.. 3 stars because of the plot..



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