The Bone Witch

By Rin Chupeco

So I was fascinated by the book’s cover.. really.. so mysterious.. so bewitching… mystifying..

look here…thebonewitch

I really like the sad love story of the heroine. I like her from the very start of her journey. I think I will like her at the end, even if it means she is in the wrong, even if it means she could die?

It was such a cliffhanger the last part, theΒ currentΒ part of the story.. I knew it! I said to myself. At first I thought it was Kance — you know.., so obvious.. but then it hits me. It is Kalen! and poof! boy am I right!!

Now.. even though the book will be released in March, I am looking forward to the second book. I am really hoping…. that it will be by end of this year!

Oh wait…, I’ll just check the authors website for anything……

This is a 5 for me btw.. I am left wanting more….!


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