Everything, Everything

by Nicola Yoon

I got very curious about the book specially when I heard that this will be made to movie by next year. The description also caught my attention. So the start of my month-long search for this book. (hah! that long, then I emailed the bookstore for them to get me a hardcopy but then I got is paperback). So to the review…

EverythingEverything.jpgMaddy’s sickness is not normal to me. It’s like “Is that real?” anyways… At first I pity her because she can only see the world through books, internet and her window. It is her life 24/7 for the whole 17 years of her existence, until she met Olly.

Olly is a the new neighbor. First I thought, Maddy will only be the one who will fall in love with Olly, and Olly will only feel pity for her. But then thanks to Carla, they made it possible.

It is just so heartbreaking about Maddy’s mother. It is so sad that her mother is the one who didn’t recover from the lost of her husband and son to the extent of snatching away 17 years of her daughters. I can’t blame her though, but it is just so sad and heartbreaking.

But on the other side, the book feels like a cliff hanger at the end. Its like I am looking for more pages on what will happen now to Olly and Maddy. Well, kudos to Olly that he really must love Maddy for him to wait for her. I am so excited for the both of them .

So in summary, this book made me sad, happy, excited, heart-broken and hopeful. ๐Ÿ™‚

Excited to see the movie!


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