Born Mobster

by Paige Dearth
“Be careful of who you bully…..” or be not a bully at all.

Okay….. so let me tell you honestly., to the author, the cover page is kinda scary for me. It’s a scary scary in a ghostly way not scary mob way. It’s like the child on the cover will get possessed by evil or something.

BornMobster.jpgAnyway…. the first half of the story, my sadness and anger for the parents of the child is reverberating while reading. I am a mother myself, so the point where the mother let Tony out of the house because of the stupid-good-for-nothing father of his, it made me mad. HE IS ONLY 14 years old, MINOR and STILL A CHILD dammt!!!!! what kind of mother will do that to her child? her mother’s stupidity is beyond reasonable doubt!!!!!

So because of the bullying, the heartaches, my heart breaks for Tony. He is a lot more. If only there’s someone who helped him during his time of difficulty? he might not end up with the Slayers gang, he might not end up with mobsters. He is a smart boy. Well, every child is Β special. Every child is smart on their own ways. We, as adults, just have to help them unleash it. But most of the time we fail.

I got a lot of thinking reading the story. It is also applicable on real adult life. Like the bullying.. Adults should teach kindness. Because everyone is fighting a hard battle.. It is so hard to be a good parent. I really don’t understand Tony’s parents specially his father, its Β like Tony is not his son.

What happened to Tony at juvie, I think is the reality..I am really saddened by this.. I am not sure how are we going to protect those child. The fact that he didn’t do what he’s accused…….. πŸ˜₯

I thought he found his happy ending, but it was removed from him also. What I like is, amidst and after all the ugliness life brings him, he still have a heart…

A must read, will tug your heart and made you angry and saddened for 3 days (well.. that’s me..)


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