The Bad Boy Bargain

by Kendra C. Highley

I am very thankful Entangled Publishing for approving my request. TheBadBoyBargain.pngThe one that captured my attention is the cover. Yup! got that this will be a very short, lovely read. It’s just that, I expected a very bad boy.. ๐Ÿ˜› yup! just like the bad boy in Beautiful Disaster.. but this doesn’t affect my rating of the book.

She’s a goody one, and the he has a reputation.., a bad reputation to protect. yeah.., weird…

Anyways, I honestly enjoyed reading this and highly recommend the book. This made me think of how bullies changes the lives of people being bullied. And the time you’re wasting when you worry or afraid of telling the person you love that you love them. It’s like making your life complicated when you can make it simple. How many times do we do that to ourselves? we torture ourselves?

but good thing, the boy in the story realizes that.. it’s just sweet and made me daydream (hah!)


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