The Hundred Lies of Lizzy Lovett

by Chelsea Sedoti

It was because of the cover that I read the description of the book in NetGalley. I thought “hey.. This will look good on any bookstore shelf. I bet I will see this in the near future”. Then, I read the synopsis, and it got my attention.
I started writing this review while in 25%., why you say, well.. Because I started to get irritated to the main character, Hawthorn. Yup! Though I do understand here feelings, but I feel she’s a bit self centered? She’s jealous of Lizzie I get it, but a little empathy will go a loong way. And if you don’t have something nice to say, then shut up. Turned into werewolf? Really!? Are you still in grade school??

So..after reading this book, I still don’t get Hawthorn, why she thinking like that?? I really don’t get it. Maybe….maybe because I am not in her shoe? So the character annoyed me to the fullest.., and made me sad for her and pity her for her pessimism, she’s self centered and made me sad about her roller coaster of not happy emotions.

I smiled when she called Emily, and for ONCE!! she listened to her friend. She became interested to her friend’s life.. Then she got rid of pathetic Enzo.

The good thing is, I think, she learned.. She’ll be mature this time, appreciate everyone around her, and be interested not only on her world.. And I am excited about her and Connor and where their relationship will go….


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