Burning Bright

by Melissa McShane

BurningBright.jpgI don’t know Ms. McShane but, this is AWESOME!!!!!

hah! I was curious because of the fire actually in the cover.. and the description.. but when I read the story…. awwweeessooommmeee…

I like it! I really really really like it. While reading, I imagine old England, where people dresses heavy, where girls wear gowns everyday.. I honestly reading the book in English accent (in my head of course!) but honestly tried reading aloud. (hah!)

I super enjoyed the story, the voyage, the scene when I thought Elinor will be captured and die in the hands of the pirates. And though I know she’ll not die, still the thrill of getting caught is nice.

I am not satisfied on how this book described Capt. Miles Ramsay. Though he is not that really good looking, but he dress well.. I hope there’ll be a sequel on their story.. A little bit of romance will not hurt…

I really really really recommend the book.. a nice break on sci-fi stories.. ๐Ÿ™‚


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