A Christmas Day at the Office

by Matt Dunn

AACDATO.jpgI grab this story because the title is so timely..(yeah right..) and I hoped that this will be a quick read for me.. oh boy was I wrong..

Yep! I read it in what.. hmm. 12 days? what with work and life…anyways, I finished it.

The book is about the story of five people, all of them are office mates, and how they face each of their lives.

I really like Sophie’s very positive and hopeful outlook. Despite of the many many men in her life, and not finding Mr. Right, I really like her Faith.. her belief in Guardian Angels, and good omens.. Although she’s a little bit emotional when it comes to her love life, and it’s like she’ll never have a man of her own, I still like her.

What I don’t understand is the relationship between Julie and Mark. Really… every one knows their relationship but they are still hiding it. (For real!?) and for the love of macaroni, they’re adults!!!

Anyhow, the story is quite good… ๐Ÿ™‚


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