Chasing Truth – Eleanor Ames Series

by Julie Cross

Chasing Truth.jpgOH MY GOSH!!!

honestly? I don’t know what to write.. I don’t know what kind of review I’ll give.

I just love the book! As in love love love the book, the story, the plot, the twists and the characters (Of course!)

I really really really recommend you read this book. really… If I am not working? I can finish this in one sitting.. but with work, and kids and house chores.. and because this book is so so sooo good, I finished it in 2 and half days. Yeah, yeah.., but I bet if you read this? You can finish it in one sitting.

You’ll get hooked to the story as well on the characters.

After reading it, I am so excited on the next book. I actually sent a question to the author.. I am super excited for them to get to college. While writing this review, I am imagining what will happen to them, expecting more excitement, mysteries and actions on the next one..

Thanks NetGalley for allowing me a copy! I thank you.. very very much!!

This is out now — well here in my country not yet, but for all ya out there, grab a copy, you will not regret it!


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