The Millionaire’s Proposal

by Janelle Danisons

img_20161003_191456.jpgI just saw this book in Amazon and based on the description, I said “okay, let’s see”.

First I have a comment on the models on the cover. I would like to first say my apologies because of what I am about to say.

The couple on the cover is somewhat did not match the description in the story.. really… and the girl in the picture is obviously wearing a pregnancy foam – the one that actress put on to make them look pregnant?

Anyways.. I thought the story is very lovely.. At first, I thought that the things that made Grace angry are just little things… but then, when you’re in a marriage, it’s all or nothing. How frustrating it must be to really like someone, you know you love someone but you’re restraining yourself?

I really like their story. It is lovely, I just hope there’s a book 2 of this. πŸ™‚


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