My First MIBF Experience

is a very traumatic and annoying experience.

Imagine, the most awaited event you’ve been waiting for more than a month? turns out, you’re not going to get bargain books at all. I really don’t get it. Maybe my expectation was just too big on the event that

The bonus is that, the Daughter hoarded much nicer books than Momma.img_20160919_213455.jpg

These books were the hoards of my Daughter — I posted this first on my IG account before posting this review.

You see, even if my daughter is happy with her books, I am still disappointed with the book fair. It’s just that it didn’t meet my expectation on what a book fair is. All I got was a few books for myself and a terrible headache..


I was expecting to complete all the series that I like. You remember my post about the list I prepared? yeah.. none of them was bought. N-O-N-E. Nah.. nada.. I was very disappointed. So what I did is to go to a bookstore inside the mall, and bought some of these books..
img_20161003_015357.jpgSo, I got 5 new books from the bookstore. The third book of TSGE – The Last Ever After, Reflections of a Man – the always out of stock book here in PH, Made For You and Anna Dressed in Blood – book 1 & 2.

Honestly? you will not feel that this is a fair. There’s a little sale, and it’s like they just put out all their remaining stocks from the beginning of the year. There were no new books.. so there…

As I was browsing my Instagram account, and currently there’s a left and right book sale happening right now in the US? I am so envious….

So there you go,.. If I were to attend the next year’s book fair? hmmm.. Maybe I want to give it another try.. or maybe, I’ll just wait for warehouse sales?

Here’s a picture of my daughter and her wacky face πŸ™‚



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