A Mortal Song

by Megan Crewe

The curious cat in me awoken because of the cover of the book and the description are very interesting.

Mortal Song.jpgI really want to know why is this the title of the book, and having the girl holding a katana? What’s not to like?

The character is a Kami, but then she’s not. The story is interesting in a way, but the story line somewhat disappoints me. Well, maybe because my expectation is that she’ll become a warrior — but she sort of did, and I am really looking for that part on where I’ll have an “Aha!” moment on why the author chose this title for her book.

Maybe I’m slow? but I didn’t get what I’m looking for. I like the character Sora, that she didn’t give up, despite learning her limitation on the battle that she’s facing. I feel her, that when someone, no matter how good nature it is, told you in your face that you have nothing to contribute, is like a slap in the face. But her good heart and love to her parents and the mountain prevails.

I also admired her, for thinking on how to end the war they’re in.Β She is indeed, very essential on the victory they received. The main hero here Chiyo, is somehow stupid when it comes to her boyfriend but then, she’s the powerful Kami of the prophecy so there.

I like the story but there’s an “if only”. If only I understand why the title is this…..


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