This is How It Ends

by Jen Nadol

I bought the book because it was on sale and I got curious about the description.. as well as the cover…

This is How it Ends.jpg

Okay.. so first of all, this is a very geeky book with a very lame ending… The combination of the characters were good. The relationship between them somehow, realistic. And while I was at it reading, I really thought this could be something.

Anyway, I was at lost of the binoculars, and the scientific explanation that energy can travel and brain produces waves, etc. I was at lost. I actually still lost.. and then come the ending that is so lame. It didn’t explain why Sarah’s mother knows Riley. And why is Sarah is crying for fudge sake! I mean, I don’t know but.., she could’ve tell, and Riley can help her… so does this mean there’s a second book?

Nah.. I checked Goodreads. This is the only book. so.. basically there are some questions unanswered. It will be much exciting if I can have the closure on this book, all my questions answered, but then, for me, is the lame ending.


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