The Spirit Chaser

by Kat Mayor

It was a roller coaster of emotion, this book. It was a fun read, I was in love, I cried my heart out, scared shit, happy and sad…

How do I explain this!? I don’t know.. Here’s trying…

The Spirit Chaser.jpgI know the context of the story, I know I will get scared. But shit I didn’t think I will be this sad. I am a sucker for a love story and happy endings….

About what Barrett said, I really wanna ask if Casey showed up early, will we have a different ending? I really read that part five times. It made my heart jump, it’s the point that I know what will be the ending but I don’t want to stop reading…

If you want a roller coaster of emotion, but wants a horror genre, then I definitely, confidently recommend to you this book. And after reading it? Please tell me how’d it go. πŸ™‚

Happy Reading!!

And by the way, 3 days after reading this, I.Am.Still.Thinking.About.It. Though I think the story should’ve continue though……


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