Vengeance Bound

by Justina Ireland

I can’t remember why I bought this book. Really.. there’s just a sale in my favorite bookstore, then upon reading the synopsis at the back, I got interested on “Them” and “Theirs” and “They”. Who are them? Who are they?

Then upon reading, I realized that “Them” is mythological creatures bound to Amelie, the heroine. WOAH! That’s it! I’m done. I can’t stop reading, but I really need to stop because of work, and school and everything else,. I just finished this today and I was like… whaaattt?????ย Vengeance Bound.png

Don’t get me wrong. I like the story. I give it a five. I feel Amelie’s helplessness, especially when the “accident” of her parents is not really an accident. It was so heartbreaking.. really.. And she’s alone.

I really like Alekto but.. yeah.. there’s a but and I can’t explain it. I know she mean good. The part that was left me hanging was when Amelie went away.. I’m happy she had enough to get through her life. But the love story of Niko and Amelie left me hanging… I really hoped and I think that Niko will go to Amelie, and their love story will continue. Maybe there’s also a book 2 of this, wherein because of Mindi’s heart break, after killing her mother’s killer and killing other “guilty” guys, she will have revenge on Amelie for taking Niko from her? something like that because she’s mental anyway…

I enjoyed reading this and I will continue to hunt books like this in book stores during book sales.ย ๐Ÿ™

I also have Goodreads account, if you want to peek. ๐Ÿ™‚


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