Cut to the Bone

by Alex Caan

I was lost at first while reading this, most of the terminologies were only understood by FBI, CSI and the likes..

Cut to the Bone.jpg

I am also reminded of Castle by this book (you know, the series?) Anyway, I was thrilled while reading the story of the lost famous VLogger because during the investigation? There are so many possible angles to look for why she’s lost. Can be cult, there’s the company, the mental “current” boyfriend, the cool ex-boyfriend, the parents, yeah something about the father made me suspect him, the previous handler…. so many…

I am also curious about the main characters of the story, Kate Railey and Zain Harris. I would love to have a book 2 of this. It’s like, after reading it, it felt like there should be more… there must be some more of them.. I squint hard while reading the part where Harris was tortured. I am super curious about what happened to Kate before moving in London.

I am hoping that somehow they will end up with each other at the end… but nah.. I want more!!!

To Bonnier Publishing and Alex Caan, thank you very much for allowing me an advance copy of the book.


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