by Claudia Gray

This book made me hooked.

Literally can’t put it down in a cab, train, and even if I am really really sleepy, “just one more page” is my mantra while reading this book.


The story fascinates me and Nadia’s journey on becoming a powerful *hopefully* witch and her Steadfast, Mateo is what excites me the most.What will be their journey? and also their love life. I am so curious about Verlaine, and her parents. I also want to know about Nadia’s mother, will she come back? Oh please don’t spoil me..

During the course of reading, I want to understand where Elizabeth comes from.ย I mean, why did she swore oath to the one beneath. She is creepy in a way and Mateo becomes dumb around her. I mean… is there any other way, since he’s now a Steadfast, that he can see magic and not be affected by magic let’s say, whenever his witch is around? I don’t know but.. maybe something like that?

Now, this story made me think, are witches really need to concentrate while doing their thing? I mean, I thought with just a wave of hand and some spells, that’s it.

I definitely recommend this book to those fantasy readers and with fascination to witches and other-world creatures, and of course, magic. ๐Ÿ™‚


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