Let Me be The One

by Lily Foster

I am seriously weirded out by this book since it was told from the PoV of the two main characters. I follow the story but its just weird..in a good way though.


So the story is about Tom and Darcy. College lovers, until Tom was caught by something from his past.. (don’t worry it is a good something ;)) I just admired Darcy….she really loved Tom.

Okay…my pain points.. Again… Why the heck are they not that open to each other!!??? Made me so annoyed like “WHAT THE HECK!??” and then there’s more of the assumption and making yourself miserable when simply you can just ask the person? I am not against it, I did understand actually… I was like that making assumptions and just keeping it to myself.. but if I can give advise to my younger self, I’ll tell her to just go with it, truthfully and quick, than go through all these s***..

Anyway, I love the story… It is sweet that Tom just look at Darcy’s future but c’mon, the girl is ready to go with you so why deprive yourself? every body deserves to be happy. Thank goodness the family (either both sides) are not another set of the problem. So the story basically revolves around them which is good.

I definitely recommend this book. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

Now I am curious about Caleb and Rene though….


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