Strictly My Husband

by Tracy Bloom

I decided that to document my reactions, I will write it immediately.

I would like to thank first Lawsome Book and Netgalley for giving me advance copy in exchange of my review.

Okay… For the first few chapters…. What the hell is wrong with Tom!!????? He’s.. I don’t know but.. What the fudge!?? I mean I’m married so I understand Laura. Why did Tom make a decision without even fudging consulting his wife???

So after continuously reading the story, I realized I am not fond of theatrical thingies unless it is a love story.. (*_*) Anyway, there’s a lesson learned from the story. It is to say whatever it is in your mind to your husband. It is bad enough they have the so-called “Male pattern blindness” worst they’re not mind readers.

I also got the reaction of “what the eff is wrong with Hannah!??” well now I understand (in the latter part of course!). I am happy with the ending for Tom and Laura. A bit sad for Hannah and Jerry.. but I really like Jerry’s optimism and his ‘fun’ side. After reading this, I wonder what will Will talk about with Tom.. I think its about Hannah noh?


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