by Alex Flinn


This book is…… I don’t know… Gah..?
I am sorry but…. Yeah, I got to read the book, drag myself to finish it because yeah I bought it I have to atleast finish it. Really, compared to the author’s other books, Beastly and Bewitching, as a reader I understand where did the curse came from. But here, it’s different…

I have so many questions like.. The drug called “Rhapsody” where did it come from? Really for a really long time no ones get caught?? And where’s the magic, curse of the brothers managing the drug ring? I don’t understand the bluish something in the eyes of the people? Really old people but strong??? Useless police officers…

Also the mystery of how did Danielle die? What kind of person is Zach? Where was he when Dani is pregnant? How did he know that the baby will have blond hair and will save the people?

And the weirdest thing is the ghost of Dani, why saying “Let me in”.. So I was like, “is this really a retelling or a thriller sort??” So after reading this story, I have literally so many questions on my mind that will make the author (please) re-write this story all over again. I like Ms. Flynn but this book….


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