If Opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Yes! You read it right.

We’re so used to the saying that opportunity only knocks once, twice, etc.

But then, reality hits.. Milton Berle is right.

In reality, we should build the door for the opportunity to knock. It’s like, in the office, how will your employer know that you are capable of doing something? Yes, by showing him that you can do it. By building yourself, you are showing that you are credible enough, reliable enough for other tasks.

It also goes the same thing with personal life. If God sees that you can do it, then He’ll give you something.

Opportunity is limitless to a person that knows how to build doors. Show what you can do, and whatever you ask will be given to you. Show that you can lead, and you’ll be given a team. Show that you can be trusted and trust will be given to you.

But above all this, weΒ mustΒ always prayΒ that whatever we want, should be also what God wants for us. Because God has always a better decision than us. πŸ™‚


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