Throw Away Girls

by Jennifer Vaughn


From the very start, up until the end, the story… this book.. effin mess my heartbeat…

Throw Away Girls

For those who wants thriller, man.. this is your book.

I need to pause occasionally while reading this book since this is too much of a thriller for me, my blood is pounding on my ears and I can hear my erratic heartbeat. I can feel all the suspense, it’s like I’m watching a movie on my mind.

…..Actually, if the next book is as good as this? then… I will look forward for this to go on TV.

This, for me is a super good thriller, that I really need to breath before I can write the review.

I really like Jaycee, to the point that I adore her and I also want to pull her hair for being so stubborn.

Kudos for the vivid description of the crime, the revelation of who’s the killer and fudge! where the hell did the author got her inspiration?? but damn…. Jennifer Vaughn is good.

Thank you Waldorf publishing for letting me read a copy of this book. 🙂


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