Every day

by David LevithanEvery day.jpg

You know what? While I’m reading this book, the one song that plays on my mind is Born this Way by Lady Gaga. Whenever I read the book, it always come to play, like an OST to a movie.. or series.. Anyway……..

I just want to mention this picture was taken on my office. haha. Yeah, I’m reading while on break, eating lunch, drinking coffee and while waiting for my laptop to install some application. (Yeah!)

The ultimate question for me here is that, how did A become like that? It pique my curiosity on how, where did it start? And this Reverend Poole, what’s his role?

The story made me think, love is love. Whatever it is in the outside, the important thing is in the inside. But, that is not what’s happening in our day to day. It tugs my heart that A gave Rhianon to someone who A knew will love Rhianon like A love her. (This grammar thing is hard since we don’t really know the gender of A…)

The story made me think about lives of other people, made me sad, that A is letting Rhianon go (well, that’s true love), confused, like Rhianon, so yeah, a mixture of emotions. Mostly sad, because ever since A’s childhood, A doesn’t have identity, roots, and yeah, no one’s going to mourn if A dies, so this made me think, How’s life like that? And the story made me thankful for whatever I have right now.