Fire Girl: A Tale of Witches and Wolves

by Andy Mulberry

First, thank you very much for allowing me a free copy of this book.

Fire Girl.jpg

The first part of the story made me say.. “Whaaattttt????” I mean, on my point of view, the author failed to establish the connection, between Dan and Sam. The only explanation is just because of Simone, but for me it’s not enough. I’m looking for some grounds here…. but….

Anyway, I did end up enjoying the story. Anticipating what will be the next move. Its just that, some parts are not explained that well. I have so many questions like, What’s Simone’s story? How did she end up with Sam’s father? Why, I don’t understand, who’s the wolf, Dan’s mother or father or both? What’s Micheal’s sickness? What part does Victor plays?

See, so many questions. The ending gave me a surprise. The road to Sam’s discovery of here power is a bit blurred, I mean, yeah it was explained but c’mon….. whatever she discovered in the Pine forest (yeah, I called it that because it smells pines), was not clear to me. Maybe it’s just me.

The best part of the book is the revelation of who her father is. But this just leaves me so many questions unanswered.

I will give this 3 stars for the plot is interesting.