by David Kudler

Risuko.pngThe cover is fascinating.

The story fascinates me.

I really like the heroine here. Somehow this is a typical story of the heroine being bullied and will become the hero she should be BUT the story for me is interesting.

I am fascinated by Risuko’s journey on how to become a true kunoichi. Will she become better than her sensei? Will she be the greatest kunoichi of that time?

I really like the part where Risuko realized that the dance on her dance class is a fighting dance.

I am mostly confused of the scenes with Lady Chiyome, like why she initiated Risuko. It’s like there’s more than knowing what kunoichi means. There’s more to there than that.

I am very excited to the next book! 🙂 Definitely will recommend this one.

I am more than happy to buy a hardback copy of this book once available to my country.


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