by Alex Flinn

This book was a gift from my husband on my last year’s birthday. And I just opened and read it early this year.
v__d520.jpgWhat draws me to this book is the cover. It’s so mysterious looking, and screaming witches and fantasy and magic.

I haven’t read Beastly yet when I read this book, and found out just yesterday that I haven’t documented a review that’s why you’re seeing this just right now.

The book revolves mainly on the story of the two step sisters, with typical rivalry and jealousy on the plot and the (mis)adventures of Kendra, the Witch before.

What I think on Flinn’s Kendra Chronicles (though I haven’t read all of the books….yet) is, the story revolves other people’s lives and not in Kendra’s life, which was I expected. Since it’s called Kendra Chronicles… (duh).

Still, even if I don’t give this a very high rating, the book is still fascinating and fun to read.


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